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By accessing this website, users expressly and irrevocably accept the terms and conditions hereinafter.


Access and use of the www.lelana.com website are subject to these terms and conditions of service, which are binding upon you and with which you are required to comply.
We would therefore advise you to read the following carefully. SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. asserts its quality as a responsible company.
We would therefore remind you that alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Alcohol must be consumed in moderation.
Access and use of the www.lelana.com website by people residing in France are strictly reserved for adults.
That is the reason for which you are prompted to specify your year of birth whenever you access the website.
Liability for any violations of the foregoing, especially if users of the www.lelana.com website incorrectly specify or falsify their age, will be disclaimed by SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E..
Access and use of the www.lelana.com website in other countries and territories, where alcohol consumption is permitted, are strictly reserved for people that are legally authorised to consume alcoholic drinks.
Consequently, people residing in a country or territory where use of the www.lelana.com website is not permitted by applicable law and legislation, or people that have not reached the required age to access this website, are requested to immediately exit the www.lelana.com website.


The entire website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French and international copyright and intellectual property law.
All photographs, text, slogans, drawings, images and animated sequences with or without sound, as well as all works integrated into the website, are the property of SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. or third parties that have authorised SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. to use same.
The logos, icons and graphics chips represented on the website are protected by copyright and Sections L.511.1 et seq. of France's Intellectual Property Code relating to the protection of registered designs.
All reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited, including for downloadable documents as well as iconographic and photographic representations.
The trademarks mentioned on this website have been registered by the companies owning such trademarks.
Legal action may be taken in respect of any unauthorised use of any or all of these rights by third parties.

Website content

SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. disclaims any and all liability for any delays in updating the content of this website, as well as for any interruptions or temporary unavailability of the service.
SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. reserves the right to correct the content of the website at any time and without prior notice.

Reproductions of the said website and the works presented thereon, whether in hardcopy or electronic format, are authorised, provided that such reproductions are strictly reserved for personal and private use.

This excludes any use for advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes, irrespective of whether they comply with the provisions of Section L.122-5 of France's Intellectual Property Code.

Any reproduction, representation, use or modification of the website, whether in whole or in part, by any process whatsoever and on any storage medium whatsoever, including all or part of the various works presented on the website, is strictly prohibited without prior authorisation from the publication director and constitutes an act of infringement, which may give rise to prosecution and/or civil action and the payment of damages.

Access to the website

Users of the www.lelana.com website acknowledge that they have the skills and means required to access and use this website.

SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. disclaims all liability for any elements and events beyond its control relating to the use of the website and their effects or any hardware and/or software incompatibilities, or any damage that may be caused to the users' technical environment, including their computers, software, network hardware and any other hardware used to access and utilise the service and/or information.

Users are reminded that fraudulently accessing or remaining within an information system, impeding or falsifying the operation thereof, introducing or fraudulently modifying the data in such a system constitutes an offence subject to prosecution.

Hypertext links

The www.lelana.com website allows for the insertion of a hypertext link pointing to its content, provided that users:
Obtain authorisation from the publication director of the website
Do not use deep linking, meaning that the pages of the www.lelana.com website must not be embedded within the pages of another site, but can be accessed by opening a dedicated window. Specify the source pointing directly to the targeted content by means of a hypertext link.

Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is excluded, unless otherwise stipulated.

Such authorisation does not apply to websites disseminating information of a contentious, pornographic or xenophobic nature, or information that could, to a large extent, be offensive to the general public.

SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. disclaims all liability in respect of the content of the websites proposed as links, irrespective of the type of link established from or pointing to www.lelana.com.
SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E. reserves the right to refuse any such links.

Information collected on the website

All information collected on this website by any means whatsoever is reserved for use by SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E..
In pursuance of Section 34 of France's Data Protection Act 1978, you have the right to access, amend, correct and delete your personal information.
To exercise this right, contact us by email at: info@lelana.com


The information collected by means of the forms on this website is electronically processed for the purpose of creating a sales proposal.
The recipient of the data is: SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E.
In pursuance of France's Data Protection Act 1978, you have the right to access and amend your personal information.
If you wish to exercise this right and obtain disclosure of your personal information, contact us at the above address.

Secure payment

For your financial transactions, the www.lelana.com website uses an external payment solution.
With this system, your credit card payment is made directly on the online bank's secure server.
At no time will your credit card number be disclosed to SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E..

Online booking

The standard terms and conditions of sale and cancellation relating to online bookings or booking requests are specifically indicated in the relevant forms.
You can ask for a copy of the standard terms and conditions of sale at the above address.
The online booking solutions require you to check the box entitled "I accept the standard terms and conditions of sale" prior to any purchase.
Tourist tax, if applicable, will be specified on the hotel's invoice.
Tourist tax is not included in the amounts indicated at the time of booking.
The application of such tax is beyond the control of SAS HOTEL LE LANA S.E..

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