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5 star hotel in Courchevel 1850, Le Lana

Bar and cocktail

Magnificent vistas of the mountain, comfortable sofas, open fireplace, rigorous selection of renowned wines, cocktails à la carte, smoking lounge... The bar of the Lana will make you share a convivial moment to extend the pleasures of a day in the heart of the Courchevel resort.

In our bar with a panorama view of the snow-covered mountains of the famous Courchevel resort, you can enjoy a well-deserved break after a long skiing day.

In front of a crackling fire in a large stone fireplace, you can relax in one of our comfortable chocolate-coloured sofas, under the vaults with a stylish byzantine inspiration. 
You can enjoy a hot drink during the afternoon or taste one of our cocktails during the evening with jazz background music...

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique vistas of the immensity of the summits, enjoy the sunset, relax, extend the pleasure in a both elegant and warm atmosphere.

Smoking lounge

At the bar of the Lana, we have thought of the smokers by creating a Smoking Lounge. Dedicated to the smokers of cigarettes and cigars, this lounge is a private, intimate and comfortable place. Shishas (hookahs) with flavoured tobaccos are at your disposal.

Wine cellar

In our wine cellar, our sommelier selects the best national and international crus but also rare vintages to be discovered. He has put together an exceptional wine list for you.

Since 2011, the behaviour of Saint-Emilion wines at a certain altitude has been studied. To be tasted around barbecues served on a south-facing terrace and with vistas of the forest.

Female wine tasting and wine club

Our sommelière organises regularly evening events exclusively reserved for women during which crus, estates and terroirs can be discovered in a convivial atmosphere. The crus are enjoyed by women accompanied by a female passionate specialist.

For your pleasure Le Lana also organises prestigious wine tastings in its cellar. Discover crus from renowned estates or more confidential wines you should not miss.